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Brik and Zuma

Here is a 3-D photo from the summer of '93 when Zuma was a puppy.

The BIG one below is set up for cross-eyed viewing, i.e. you have to get your right eye to look at the left image and your left eye to look at the right image. When you free view it, you'll "see" 3 pictures, and the one in the middle is in 3-D. When freeviewing, ignore the left and right "ghost" images. It is also possible to cut an aperture in a piece of cardboard to help you view it. The cardboard aperture serves to block the right image from the left eye and the left image from the right eye. Check out my "Rocket Photo Pages" for more viewing hints, and more practice.

Cross-Eyed Viewing (easy)

Brik and Zuma

click on this picture

click on this picture

Wow! is this an old picture:

Note: Only one of these is "digital". The other three are just "old thangs"...

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