Pb's 3-D Rocket Pix

These are 3-D rocket pictures. When free viewing 3-D on your computer screen, you'll "see" three pictures, when your brain merges the middle one into 3-D perception. (Just ignore the left and right "ghost" pictures, or block them off if you wish.)

To get started, you must stretch your browser window as wide as necessary to get both pictures side by side horizontally.

Keep your head/eyes level, don't tilt your head. Sit back away from your display 2 to 3 feet depending on how big your display is. If you are near sighted, you might want to put your glasses on. I am told this set is a little dark, (It's my first time with a scanner....) I'll scan them in again as soon as I can, but meanwhile, crank up the brightness on you display a little. (And send me e-mail, I need more test results!)

(Note: I apologize if I got anybody's name wrong, or misinterpreted the goings on, etc.

Questions? Comments? Send me e-mail.

The following links take you to the rocket photo pages. (Note: Each page has a "NEXT" link near the bottom.)

Cross-Eyed Viewing

These links are set up for cross-eyed viewing. This means that you have to get your left eye to look at the right picture and your right eye to look at the left picture. See the instructions and practice area down below on this page. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it.
Select your display viewing size from the following:

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Cross-Eyed Practice Area


Raw Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) extrusion before it is cut to final length and dyed the familiar grey color.

Cross-Eyed Viewing: Sit back, centered, and look at the white vertical bar in between the two pictures. Then reach out and put your thumb right in the middle of the bar. Look at your thumb. While looking at your thumb (making a nice print on the glass) you will notice that there is one white bar behind it. Then, while continuing to look only at your thumb, slowly bring your thumb toward your nose, and notice (without looking) what is happening to the bar. There are two of them bars, right? The 3-D will be in between them. Keep looking only at your thumb and keep moving it closer (the bars get farther apart) until you notice (without looking) that there are 3 pictures back there all the same size. (Thumb is only about 4 to 6 inches away from your nose now, depending on the display viewing size). Now, don't move your eyes any more. They are in the proper position (crossed). Only one thing left for you to do now is to change your eye focus without moving their cross-eyed positioning. Look at your thumb, but focus on the picture. Your goal is to be seeing three pictures (ghost-3D-ghost) and one thumb. If you see two pictures and two thumbs, start over.

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