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sailplane n (1922) : an unpowered aircraft of such higher performance design that it is able to rise in an upward air current above its launch point --- compare GLIDER

July 27, 2001

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Sorry, no 3-D photos here yet. The roll is still in the camera.
Soaring at its best in the midwest :SlopeFlyer.com
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My Mark's Models "Wanderer".
This is my old plane, I'm gonna have to think hard to remember when I built it. I flew it a lot, a long time ago. I tried to iron the old monocote on the wing again, to add a little washout. But between the ribs on the top in the center sections, the monocote sagged so badly, I hastily cut it off and replaced it. Then went flying for the 1st time in years.
I had discovered Greg's web pages by internet search ("Sailplanes" and "Milwaukee") and introduced myself by e-mail. Then, on this gorgeous day, I and my friend John Holland went to meet Greg, Tracy and Colin in person for the first time.
Tracy and me.
I asked Tracy to launch it for me, because it was fitted with new servos, connected to the old linkage. I was not confident in my reaction time at that critical "launch" moment, when a mistake can be costly. Plus, they knew exactly where the lift is, on this cliff I've never flown before. Thanks Tracy and Greg!!!
Tracy's son Colin, (who flew his first flight this day?!) took the following launch picture, I think....
Cool. Thanks Colin!!!

My friend John was also present on this beautiful day. John took all except the one above of these these pix because I was genuinely "preoccupied".
I wish there were pictures of Colin and also of John. So be sure to check back here again in the weeks to come, when these other new fliers get in more stick time.
With the plane in some excellent lift conditions, I began to wonder why I waited so long to be there.
Look closely for the plane in the sky.
Greg and Tracy.
Look VERY closely for the planes in the sky.
Greg's. (I think.)
My wanderer.
My flight lasted almost 2 hours. I had put new 1600 mAH NiMH rechargeable batteries in the radio transmitter and receiver. (Can probably safely do over 6 hours with them. Wow! -- One or two cells in the original NiCd packs had died of old age.)
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